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Backyard Jujitsu was founded by martial artist Weston Simonis in the studies of the arts of Kajukenbo & Jujitsu. With many years of martial arts training Weston Simonis studied multiple martial arts but focused his training on Jujitsu, and Kajukenbo.  Weston Simonis has learned and provides the two curriculums of Kajukenbo & Jujitsu for his martial arts school Backyard Jujitsu.   Backyard Jujitsu focuses on throws, grappling, striking, weapons and street self-defense.  Seeing that Backyard Jujitsu comes from training the arts of Jujitsu in the backyard Logan Overholser and Weston Simonis agreed that the name Backyard Jujitsu felt to fit the school. 


Weston Simonis first backyard training was with his Sifu Trent Junker in his Garage.  Professor Trent Junker has a big influence on Backyard Jujitsu. Junker is also one of the founders of the school bring us Realm of The Tiger Kajukenbo. 


After training at Portland Danzan Ryu Jujitsu with Sensei Ryan Mcdaniel Weston Simonis moved across the state of Oregon where there was no jujitsu school with a 5 hour drive.  Sensei Ryan Mcdaniel wanted nothing to do with Weston and his students so after meeting sensei Yousef T Fahoum at seminar in 2016 he agreed to pick Weston's Jujitsu School up to represent his branch of Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu.


  The Japaneses symbol we have for Backyard Jujitsu is the word Bushido meaning the way of the warrior the samurai code. Student Ryo Ikumi from Japan drew Bushido out for the school why he trained with Weston here in La Grande Oregon USA.  The martial art Jujitsu comes from the samurais so it seems to fit for Backyard Jujitsu. 

Professor Trent Junker

I’ve always had great interest in Martial Arts, training with family friends, friends, etc as a child. In May of 1991 I began training in Sukunaihayashi Shorin-Ryu, Seibukan Club, under Sensei Robert Ross. I began assisting Sensei Ross with classes very soon after joining. During this period, I also started training in Boxing with Coach Ray Faulke, at the Mt. Scott Community Center, where my Karate classes were held.


In May of 1992 I began my training in Chu’an Fa Kajukenbo, under Sifu Sid Lopez. I received my first Black Belt in 1996. In 2002 I began training with Sifu Dave Huffaker of Emperado Method Kajukenbo. I received my 3rd Degree Black Belt under Sifu Dave Huffaker (7th Degree Black Belt) of Emperado Method Kajukenbo on April 10, 2004.


Over the next few years, Sifu Huffaker was transitioning his instruction away from Kajukenbo and more in line with Chinese Healing Arts (he was a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist also). Due to my desire to continue training and learning, he encouraged me to seek out a better path for my Kajukenbo future. On July 7th, 2005, at Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute annual Seminar/Tournament in Vallejo, California I met with Grandmaster Gerry Scott (Professor). We discussed my desire to continue my Kajukenbo training and my situation extensively. I have been under the direction of GM Scott from 2005 to the present. GM Scott has guided me with his extensive knowledge and experience in the martial arts. I have received my 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th degree black belts under the banner of Scott Martial Academy, and on December 31st, 2016, GM Scott promoted me to Associate Professor 8th Degree Black Belt.


The classes I have taught cover many aspects of Martial Training, including but not limited to, physical fitness, understanding of principles, self defense, confidence, and physical prowess. I also teach effective techniques and principles for multiple ranges of attack – ground fighting, Jujitsu (locks, throws and controlling techniques), elbows & knees, hand strikes, kicking and sticks/knives.


I have hosted the “NW Kajukenbo Family Seminar”, here in the Portland area, annually since 2007, through 2016, with great success. In 2009 I began hosting the “Martial Arts Enhancement Seminar” annually, until 2015. I also consistently teach seminars and have hosted many other seminars on various Martial topics.

I design and sell various Kajukenbo (and other Martial Arts) apparel, jewelry, etc. – including shirts, sweatpants, rings, hats, necklaces, beanies, tabi shoes, and more.


There are many other activities that I have been involved in, but in the interest of simplicity, it is mostly labeled out in the following tables.


Sifu Trent Junker

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Sifu Weston Simonis

 Martial arts has become a lifestyle for me I started Kajukenbo back in In 1995 training with Sifu Kenneth Johnson in La Grande Oregon, developing my foundation as a martial artist. Then in 1997 I stop training with Ken because my family couldn’t afford it.  Then in 1998 I began to training with Rick Shrine in Tae Kwon Do karate and Kick Boxing, I trained with Rick for around a year.  I didn’t do any martial arts training in high school. In 2005 I continued to train in Kajukenbo with Sigung Kenneth Johnson, winning a few tournaments throughout the years in Sparring, Forms and fighting wildfires in the summers.  In 2009 I trained with Sifu Dales Voss for one year a black belt under Sigung Kenneth Johnson.  Then in 2010 I continued training with Sigung Kenneth Johnson tell I started college and moved to West Linn Oregon in the summer of 2011. in August 2011 - 2012 I started to train in MMA and BJJ class in West Linn at Primer Martial Arts for cage fighting, studying Kickboxing and Jiu jitsu with BJJ black belt Keisuke Andrews.  In September of 2011 I met up with Sigung Trent Junker to continue my training in Kajukenbo, learning stick and knife defense, brushing up my skills to develop a more flowing movement in fighting and defense.  After training a little over a year with sigung Trent Junker I developed to understand how to use my body and mind to defend myself.  In this overall period Kajukenbo has made me into a well-rounded skillful fighter.  After learning Sigung Trent Junkers material I tested for my first degree black belt.  After getting my first degree black belt under Trent Junker I started to train in Chi Gung with Tzun Tzun Hsue in 2012 and 2013. Then in December of 2013-14 I started my training in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu under Ryan McDaniel learning the technique scrolls of Yawara, Shime, Nage Te, and Oku. In early 2014 I was teaching Kajukenbo in Portland Oregon on the corner of Foster and 72nd. In February 2014 I started training BJJ at Alive MMA with Professor Bill Bradley for a few months but stop because of a bad injury.  In the June of 2014 I started training in Aikido with Sensei David Tiff learning bokken, Jo and basic Aiki Jujitsu techniques and trained Kajukenbo with Kenneth Johnson in La Grande Oregon why I was stationed there for wildland firefighting.  At the end of the year of 2014 I moved back to La Grande Oregon and helped teach classes for Sigung Kenneth Johnson at Grande Ronde Karate & Kajukenbo also leading Jiu Jitsu & MMA classes why I trained Aikido.  In january 2015 I started cage fighting.  In may of 2015 I started my Gracie Jiu Jitsu affiliation under Professor Keith Owen receiving my Blue Belt in August 8th 2015.   In spring of 2016 I moved my class of Kajukenbo, Kodenkan Danzan Jujitsu & Gracie Jiu Jitsu to Sensei David Tiffs Aikido dojo and was teaching adults and children classes 3 days a week. In May of 2016 I won my first Cage Fight for Knucklehead Fighting Promotions.  In 2016 Sensi Yousef T Fahoum took me under him as his student and Danzan Ryu affite. In June 2016 I started competing in Jiu Jitsu submission grappling tournaments.  In the year of 2017 I was only teaching privent lesson and taking Aikido.  In 2017 my sifu Professor Trent Junk promoted me to 2nd degree black in Kajukenbo.  After my 2nd degree black belt promotion I was still teaching private Kajukenbo and Jujitsu lessons while training in Aikido. In the year of 2018 I started teaching Jujitsu and Kajukenbo in my backyard coming up with the name called Backyard Jujitsu.  Now we are still training the arts of Jujitsu and Kajukenbo in my backyard. 

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