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The Art Of Jujitsu

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American Street Jujitsu is a self-defenses art developed in  La Grande Oregon USA.  American Street Jujitsu teaches the basics and advances techniques of the Jujitsu curriculum.      With our self-defense system, you will learn how to deal with a grappling opponent in the street.  The last thing you want is to be the person on the bottom of a ground grapple.   Remember that weapons do come out in the street like knives and guns and so going to the ground might not be the best option, but it could happen.

Just like all traditional Jujitsu arts American Street Jujitsu starts out with learning rolls, and break falls.

American Street Jujitsu starts with understanding how to escapes basic grabs and apply small joint locks that you don't see in sport jiu jitsu.

In American Steer Jujitsu we teach fundamentals of Jujitsu techniques that will help you understand how to control your opponent to keep you safe and be able to escape from being on the bottom in a street fight.  These basic fundamentals will teach you Break falls,  Rolls,  Throws, Takedowns,  Join locks, Chokes, Grappling Ba, Striking, and Weapons.

Jujitsu is the foundation of your MMA when it comes to ground fighting.   Without knowing how to hold a position correctly you won't be dominating your opponent.  Jujitsu isn't just about joint locks, chokes, and throws it's about positional setup using your opponent's energy to gain dominance.   Cage fighting is probably the most realistic fight we can have to what a street fight is.  If you didn't know high mount is one of the best ground and pound positions and if you don't know how to set it up then you are missing a big part of Jujitsu.

These are just a few demonstration videos of the techniques we train in American Street Jujitsu.  The art of Jujitsu is always evolving.  We do not focus on sport training but do believe it is an excellent way to put your skills to the test.   We try to develop our students into a modern-day samurai as you can see we use  Bushido the samurai code all over our website.   Street fights don't need to go to the ground.  In fact, it is best to stay on your feet in a street fight but that is not always the case in the street.  

When you look at techniques like this one in the guard position where you are countering a knife attack you could think of all of the what-ifs that can come into play.  Especially when a weapon like a knife comes out.  This gift wrap technique is great but it will never be 100% effective because the knife can switch hands so fast.  Yes, you will gain control of your opponent with the gift wrap but you might just get a knife in your ribs.    When it comes to knife fighting know anytime the knife comes out you are going to get cut.

This is one reason why we talk about not going to the ground if all possible when it come to street self-defense.  learning to stay on your feet and work your stand up Jujitsu as best as you can is what will keep you safer.  

Seeing Jujitsu is the self-defense that was developed by the samurai we practice multiple different weapons in American Street Jujitsu in including the Bokken and Jo.

You are probably wanting to know what am I going to get out of learning American Street Jujitsu.  Well, We have it laid out for you on this website right here for you.   By the time you get to black belt, you will have a good foundation of the Jujitsu arts.  From there you must continue your education in other arts.  Getting your black belt is only the true beginning of a martial artist. 

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