Before You Buy

Note in consideration of buying workout plans, there is no promise of a belt promotion in being a member or for paying for one of these plans.   Paying your dues and putting in the time is how you become a Black Belt.  Showing up for class and training with your training partners and instructor is how you see success.   These workout plans are for you to develop a new toolbox of techniques for your martial arts and fitness. 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Seminar

    Doesn't include air travel you must pay for my flight
    • Two Hour Martial Arts Lesson
  • Affiliate Program

    Every year
    Education Program
    • Twice a month video chat
    • Weekly Workout Plan
  • Belt Test Fee

    Belt Test Fee From Yellow through Blue Belt
    Valid for 3 months
    • One Belt Test Fee (Yellow To Blue)
  • Green Belt Test Fee

    • Green Belt Test Fee
  • Brown Belt Test Fee

    Testing Fee for Brown Belt
    • Brown Belt Testing Fee
  • Black Belt Test Fee

    Black Belt Testing Fee
    • Black Belt Testing Fee
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